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De-stress me, Thewi Thai


Thewi Thai Massage in Cebu copies the way how Thai does it (obviously). A traditional Thai massage does not directly apply oil, lotion, and other rubbing substances on your skin. Instead, the person being massaged to or the recipient of the service is fully clothed and a lot of muscle rubbing, stretching, pulling, and kneading is done by the massage therapist. I prefer this massaging style as I do not want sticky and gluey texture hooked on my skin. Yet, Thewi Thai has other “sticky and creamy” alternatives. Please see below.

Thewi Thai Massage has three branches (to date) in Cebu. One in J. Llorente St., fronting Palladium Suites or others would call this, the Capitol Site branch. The other is in Osmeña Blvd., fronting SSS, and the newest branch is in The Gallery Mabolo.

Thewi Thai

We’ve always had it done in their J. Llorente branch but this time, we decided…

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