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The Social Environment Efffect

The Effect of Changing your Social Environment

As a sequel of the social experiment, I tried to do an experiment that would benefit us all. Let us call this as the “social mind fucking”. The term may not be too appropriate but it is the nearest description of something I’ve discovered or probably been there all along but still left unexplained. 

To start with, me and my friends usually go out on Saturdays. This is also one reason that led me to create this blog and this experiment. We have a place where we go and then meet people, especially women. For months, we have gone nowhere but there and we have become used with the area. My friends are practicing pick up artists and so am I.

For months, we haven’t discovered that we were actually trying to approach women which we can say with low caliber (after we gone to a different area). We were having this so called social anxiety before and we gladly have overcame it after approaching and meeting random people for months.

So, we decided last Saturday to go to a different place where they say it is filled with rich people and high caliber ladies. When, we arrived my heart kept pumping and my reality have been screwed up. It even took us about hours to talk to a stranger. The place was filled with rich people, lovely ladies, and professionals who do not encounter everyday. It was truly another dive in the cold pool. It was socially anxious to meet them.

We bounced from bar to bar, high end bars to be specific, and as we do that our enthusiasm grew while our social confidence went smaller and smaller as we move from various calibers. So, to break the negative effect on our minds, I tried to mind fuck my reality by approaching what the PUA community call as an HB 10 (it is someone who is really aesthetically intimidating). Walking behind her, my friends grew in excitement and my heart was going out of my chest.

I walked to her side, and stopped her in front (a principle I learned when approaching strangers), complimented her and shook her hand to know her name. Doing that, it released a flood of confidence firing chemicals into my brain and fucked my reality that only pretty boys can do that.

It was equivalent to 10 dummy approaches I can do in a night to warm up. My brain got screwed and the anxiety was gone. I was able to get comfortable with the environment and even approached different women around the area.

However, it hadn’t fully changed my reality yet because the awkwardness of the false thinking wired within me that these people are out of my league was still not gone. It probably needed another dosage of another Saturday to get rid of it.

Anyway, we went back to the usual area we use to go to. Guess what, It felt like such place was nothing more interesting than any parks we have seen. We begin to notice the things that made it suck and the women weren’t that intimidating at all considering the people we’ve seen earlier. I even got to be intimate with a stranger in just minutes which i don’t usually do.


Conclusion: We can’t see the flaws unless we see an example of Perfection. Also, we are not out of league, we are just living in an environment less quality than the other.

Application: Do not stay in the same place you are living in. Travel and explore so you can strengthen your reality. Everything is an illusion so you have to create your own Reality.




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One comment on “The Social Environment Efffect

  1. Gen
    July 11, 2015

    weew! murag same saako na basa na book “Updating!” hehe

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