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How to Boost Confidence in 10 Steps

A Positive outlook on Life gives an easy and less serious approach on challenges and the unexpected

When we see people exuding so much confidence, we tend to like them so much because we see someone we always like to be. Top models, celebrities, athletes, and powerful speakers – we idolize them, not just because of their social status – but also because of their confidence.

What is confidence then? Is it the way we move, walk, talk, and project our self on the outer world? It could be but there’s more lying beneath the skin. True and powerful confidence lies on the inside and exudes on the outside.

Confidence is a result of either two: Nice Genes and the other one, – positive outlook. When we say nice genes, it’s a work of nature. People who are born beautiful physically are naturally confident because they know it since birth. People tell them they are good-looking since childhood. It’s not a new thing to them but a second nature. That’s why most celebrities don’t have what we call ” inferiority complex ” but mostly “narcissism” and too much ego.

Well, let’s not look at the bad side. On the other hand, people who were not gifted physically yet very confident are the ones we should imitate. Simply put, they don’t have that Brad Pit look but still they exude Brad Pitt’s confidence.

It’s because they have a positive outlook in life. They are like the average Joe, they might gone through some confidence and self-trust problems – but still they stood strong and confident. Physical beauty is given but a powerful personality is more rewarding.

To wrap this up, how do you become confident in 10 steps? Here are some of the most powerful things you can do to grow confident in just a year or two.

Building Unbreakable Confidence Inside

1. Bombard your head with Knowledge on how to get Confident. Read as much material you can find every day. Buy books that can help you. Read on literature that suits your style. We don’t learn on one book alone, we need a book that can help us grow confident. Follow the steps and make a commitment to do it every day.


2. Do some Self-AffirmationsThis is what we call “Fake it until you Make It” and it’s so true. Every morning when you wake up, face the mirror and tell yourself ” YOUR THE MOST HANDSOME MAN EVER LIVED”! Tell yourself your gonna be successful and charming and confident today. Do it every day with a smile and some cockiness.


3. Talk to Random People as Much as You Can. This might look crazy but test your confidence by starting mutual conversations with people on the park, on the train, and even on the way home. Don’t mind the nervousness, it’s a good source of adrenaline rush. Talk to beautiful and hot ladies. Ladies you’ve never had the nerve to talk with and will never be – if you haven’t read this article. Talk to cute boys if your a girl, just don’t flirt much cause it’s silly. Do this everyday for the rest of the year, get their names, and make a list of the people you’ve talked with for the year.

"The Approach"

4. Dressed up with Fashion and Make yourself Presentable. Wear the clothes you’ve wanted to wear – don’t care about what people have to say. Just wear anything that you feel comfortable with even if this cuts the norms. Follow how celebrities dress. Go get a good haircut and pamper your skin. You’ll be amazed how many people will start to see the changes.

"Fashion Trend"

5. Get a Job, do things you like to do, Live the Life you wanted. Change your current lifestyle and dream big. People want to be with someone who is very busy making dreams come true. Be a radio DJ, be an athlete, be a newscaster, be a model and don’t put boundaries as long as you can do it. This will give you a lot of self-value, which will power up your confidence slowly.

"the Singer"

6. Let people respect you, don’t be afraid to face conflicts, at the same time learn to Forgive. When you feel that someone is going overboard, don’t hesitate to tell him so he can set boundaries. Don’t let people turn you down. You are an important person and this day, you’ll learn to love and defend yourself against disrespect. Because even with just one disrespect from your friend, all the people that don’t know you or starting to know will treat you low and will never respect you – because they think it’s okay to do so. Stand up for your right even this will spur arguments. At the same time don’t be a jerk. Learn to forgive and understand but don’t let yourself be turned down. Do this every single time and people will love you and respect you.


7. Be a Leader. Most of us just wants to follow the crowd. You as a confident person will lead it . You will outshine and empower people. Join some organizations and start leading. Let your voice be heard and don’t just stay in the background.


8. Learn to Say NoWhen you don’t feel like going. Then don’t. Cut some neediness and learn to live on your own. Make decisions for yourself and don’t be dependent. It’s the way to be confident.


9. Always be Positive. The fight for confidence is not overnight. It’s for the rest of your life. People and circumstances will always test faith on yourself. Be mindful of these and never bow down with depression and any problems.


10. Be in a good relationship and surround yourself with positive people. Be in a relationship where you can grow confident and loving. Don’t fall for people who are insecure and faithless, they will drag you down. Avoid narcissistic peers because they will always find wrong with you. This is the biggest red flag and once you spotted it, prepare to disarm yourself from them.

"Happy Relationship"

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    June 24, 2014

    very true about this comment, love it

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