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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship


Maintaining a healthy relationship is not that easy.  This is true especially that we are now living in a very hectic world where people seem to be so busy with something else other than building healthy relationships with their loved ones.  One must not forget that healthy relationships do not just happen in a snap.  It definitely takes two to tango. You and your partner must work towards cultivating your relationship for it to grow healthy through the years.  Below are some helpful tips on how you can maintain a healthy relationship.

Maintain an open communication

You and your partner must see to it that you maintain an open communication.  All positive and negative emotions, doubts, problems and anxieties must be expressed to your loved one.  It is only when we keep our communication lines open that we will be able to resolve any conflicts.  We should never allow these negative emotions to bottle up inside us and just wait for these to explode.  But, when something goes wrong, one must immediately speak up and make sure that everything is being let out in the open for the two of you to figure out and resolve.  Without effective communication, you and your partner will become vulnerable to anxiety and stress which can escalate into something that may put the entire relationship at risk.

Respect one another

Every relationship must be based on respect.  When the two of you has respect for each other, individual differences will never become a reason for conflict.  Treat your loved one the way you want to be treated as well.  Acknowledge that both of you are two unique individuals. It is through this uniqueness that you will be able to prove how much you respect one another.

Forgive each other’s shortcomings

Conflicts do happen in a relationship.  If your loved one has hurt you or has made a mistake in a relationship, be kind enough to forgive.  Without forgiveness the relationship is sure to fail. Once you forgive your partner you are giving yourself the chance as well to be forgiven for your shortcomings.  After all, we are all humans bound to make mistakes.  Once forgiven, learn from these mistakes and let all negative things be buried in the past. Otherwise, the relationship will never be able to move on and grow.

Be honest about everything

In order for each relationship to last, both of you must be honest to one another.  Do not wait for your loved one to catch you telling a lie or else your trust for each other will be at risk.  If you are disappointed about something in your relationship, be honest in telling your partner about it. If there is something about your partner that you do not like, go ahead and tell your partner with all honesty.  This will greatly help improve your relationship.

Find time for each other

 Never be too busy for your loved one.  No matter how hectic will be your schedule at work, see to it that you set aside enough time to have dinner or to just be with each other.  If things get too hectic at work, find time to just call at least.  However, you have to find a way to make it all up as soon as your schedule permits. If you refuse to have time for your loved one, there is no point anymore in being in that same relationship.

Healthy relationships are truly a blessing. This is why we need to do our best to keep the relationship become stronger as time passes by.  This is also tantamount to saying that we have to be strong as well for our loved ones.  When things go rough, both of you should have to be there for each other. The moment we decide to be in a relationship, we must do all our best to make it last a lifetime.  But, even if a relationship will not be able to last, we still have to see to it that each relationship is a memory to cherish.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera used to suffer from the symptoms of anxiety attacks for seven years. He now dedicates his life helping other anxiety sufferers through his writings.  You can read more of his articles at Calm Clinic.


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  1. johncoyote
    October 15, 2012

    Wise advice in the blog. Thank you.

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