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Life After Divorce

Life after divorceThe moment that your wife or girlfriend tells you that ‘it’s not you it’s them’ or that ‘ they’ve been thinking that you should spend some time apart’. Don’t instantly reach for the Kleenex! Seize the moment and think of all the positives attached to being single. This is your chance to do everything that you’ve always fancied but were too scared or too nice to do anything about.

Below are five different areas of positivity that you can embrace if you’ve just been given the flick. All that you have to do is pull back the curtains, open the window and cry ‘Bring it on world, I’m ready for anything!”


Remember your old school pals that your wife thought were a bad influence or not the sort of people that she wanted to associate with? These reprobates are always going to be there for you no matter what your relationship circumstances. Find your old mates through social media sites or simply start frequenting some of your old haunts because when you’re on your own they’re the people who you can really count on. No more dinner parties or double-dates for you, get down the snooker hall or into a pub where you check your conscience in at the front door and have some fun.



Too soon? It’s never too soon to get back into the dating game and although you may occasionally find yourself weeping into your chicken dhansak, the more you practice the better you’ll get. There are plenty more opportunities to find ‘the one’ and if you can’t find her then have some fun while you look. Blind dates, online dates and old flames are just waiting to get in touch and if you’ve ever wished you could ask out the intern in accounts then what’s stopping you now you’re single? Fortune favors the brave so get out there and spin the wheel.



Throw away those glossy coffee table brochures that promote romantic holiday getaways because from now on the only city breaks you’re going to be having are to Amsterdam! When you’re single the world is quite literally on your door step and even if all your mates are still married, there are plenty of options for exciting solo holidays. So, be brave, head off on your own, meet like-minded people or just pack your bags and stick a pin in an Atlas! Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, this is your chance to go for it.



If you’ve found that in recent years you’ve not been able to play your music, watch your movies or watch sport on TV while sitting in your pants then now’s your chance to right the wrongs. Moving out may seem like an awful affront to your freedom but try to see it as the first step to reconnecting with yourself. Buy a Playstation, get some posters and lounge on the couch because, you know what, you deserve it. Watch what you like, listen as loud as you like and basically embrace your inner-slob.



Ever wanted to learn something new but could never find the time? Well, step forward and claim your prize because, from now on, time is on your side. No more weekends visiting in-laws or garden centers  no more weekday evenings being forced to the sanctuary of the bedroom whilst your ex-other half watches ‘her programmes’ on your TV! Electric guitars, Mandarin lessons, Thai curries, however you wish to spend your free time, it’s entirely up to you. Don’t just wallow in self-pity, get out there and be the person that you’ve always wished you could be.

This guest post is presented to you by Nick who recently got divorced and is getting back into the dating game with all the vigor of a 16 year old boy with his own apartment, car and bank account.


About projectbass

" I'm a Person who loves to stare at stars - and ask, "Why Are These Small Lights so Beautiful?" .. "I love to learn new things. I often laugh at shallow things" "I Never let another day come; without SMILING and letting other people know HOW great they are" "And Most of ALL, I AM a PERSON in love, being love, and wants to give more LOVE :)

4 comments on “Life After Divorce

  1. richimagealways
    October 11, 2012

    well written !

    • projectbass
      October 11, 2012

      Thanks to the author :). and thank you for the nice words

  2. reocochran
    October 12, 2012

    As long as people are careful to think the divorce out, seek counseling and find some comfort in friends and family then they may proceed to all the “fun” things listed!

  3. projectbass
    October 15, 2012

    True that!. I think people can relate well when divorce is the topic:)

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