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How to Make Dates Worthwhile

A Worthwhile Date Is Done With

Making a date worthwhile is as important as initiating a date. So, know how to deal with these aspects of dating without having to compromise your budget or even your personality.

How do you ask someone you like to go out and spend time with you? Where should you go and how long should that first date go? Should you foot the bill or not?

These are the common things that teens like you are wondering about these days when you really like to have quality time with the one you like.

How to Make Dates Worthwhile

How Do you Plan a Date?

Nowadays, people do not give much fuss on who initiated the date. As long as you keep your intentions and expectations at a minimum level, surely you will enjoy getting to know that special someone. So, read on and this article will guide you on how to start and make those dates worthwhile.

Setting a date

The beginning of everything is the most difficult part for those who haven’t experienced going out much. These are when worries come in and start haunting you as you plan your move on that cute person that you’d like to ask out. But the basic rule on how to ask someone out is to be you. If your approach has to be straight to the point, so be it. Just be sure to feel confident when you are in front of that special someone.

Planning for the date

So, you’ve finally found out that he/she will want to go out with you, too. That automatically triggers your mind to think about where you should go and some other stuffs that you will like to add on to make your date special. Remember, making a date memorable or enjoyable does not mean you have to spend a lot on it. If you are on a tight budget, start listing those places that you think will not make you spend a lot. Try the movie houses or a dinner at the mall will suffice. But, before you plan these things out, do not forget to consult the one that you are going out with.

The event

After those days of planning, the most awaited day has finally come. If you are worrying about your clothing, always keep in mind that your attire should be appropriate. That means, if you are going out for a movie, a casual look is something to go for. Picking up your date, especially for the guys, will depend on convenience. So, you can ask a girl if she prefers to meet up with you at the venue or you can offer to pick her up at her house.

Wherever you go, you have to feel comfortable with the one you are with. Try not to be overconfident and start enjoying your time with your date. You can have conversations about the things you have in common or show some signs that you are interested to get to know the person.

In issues like paying for the bill, there are some instances when guys will initiate. There is a rule that whoever asks for a date should be the one to settle the bill. But, there are some arrangements when both of you can give each of your shares. It will all depend on your preference.

Remember, a date will enable you to get to know someone. So, try to be comfortable while spending time with the person. Always be yourself and remember your date is also getting to know who you are. If you want to go beyond the friendship, better show that person what your likes and dislikes are. In the end, you and your date will be able to realize if both of you will appreciate each other in the long term. If not, at least, you still had an enjoyable date that is worth the experience.

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One comment on “How to Make Dates Worthwhile

  1. reocochran
    October 11, 2012

    The information is good and helpful. It is sometimes in the moment of the date to remember these
    things. But relaxing, being honest and sharing your thoughts are always important for building a
    friendship and later, a relationship.

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