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Christian Online Dating – Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Replying to Potential Daters

Once you have passed over the hurdle of feeling comfortable meeting someone online through a dedicated dating service, you will soon discover that there are many “fish in the sea” to choose from whether you are male or female. The popularity of online dating websites is evidence enough that you are not alone in using this avenue to find your perfect match.

Christian Online Dating

Christian Online Dating

Be Aware of What Your Profile Says About You

Once you have posted your profile, it’s likely you will be approached by many members who like what you write or if you post a photo of yourself are attracted by your appearance. As a Christian you will want to show yourself as genuine and you will want to attract the right type of attention and what you write and how you present yourself in that all important profile, will assist your separate genuinely interested respondents and the inevitable few who are there for other reasons.

Prepare a Checklist of Things to Look for in Replies you Receive

Before you embark on replying to any of the messages you receive, it may help to compile a list of qualities that you are looking for in your endeavour to find Mr or Miss Right. Here are a few guides that as a Christian you may find useful as a checklist when viewing the messages. Don’t discount replies that don’t tick all the boxes, but you can always reply to them once you have contacted your top contenders.

1. Do you share common values and a worldview that is similar if not the same as your own?

If your faith is important to you, search for those who appear to make their faith their priority in their profile. If faith is not mentioned in their profile or their replies to your profile, then you can be almost certain that it won’t be a priority to the respondent, especially if you have made it a priority in your profile.

2. Do you have interests and hobbies in common?

Look for someone who appears to enjoy the things you do and who shares a love of the same activities. This will help you to know where to go on dates and looking into the future, if travel is high priority to you, seek someone who doesn’t only say they enjoy travelling, but who has actually traveled in the past.

3. Do you share similar life goals?

This may seem a little premature, especially at this very early stage, but many people do express the aspirations they have for their life in their profiles. Finding someone who shares your life goals is essential to a long-term relationship, so it’s never too early to look for this in replies you receive and those you choose to respond to.

Keep a notebook and make notes of the replies you receive and build a picture of the person you are corresponding with. Whilst the list is not complete, it is useful as a method of looking for compatibility and potential in those who respond to your profile.

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2 comments on “Christian Online Dating – Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Replying to Potential Daters

  1. josephwstewart
    October 8, 2012

    Well written; good advice!

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