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Three Ugly Facts About Love


Three Ugly Facts About Love

Love is something that you give it away, give it away, and give it away. Wait, how many times do we give love? Three times before it comes right back to us. Does this mean we need to put more effort before we reap love? Can someone explain this to me?

Yeah love or simply put relationships are often time unfair. Don’t get me wrong by saying you can’t agree. Why on earth would you not fall for someone very available and instead chase those who keep running away? Here are the ugly facts about love and relationships.

  1. Nothing is Fair with Love and War. IF you say Hitler, I’ll say Cupid. Who the hell invented cupid and he makes love so tangled up and complex like an algebraic solution? When you say nothing is fair in love, it means there’s are no breakevens. You have only two choices: to give so much love or be loved so much. And sometimes life puts a twist on it, you can give so much love and be loved less in return or vice verse. Cruel.
  1. Love isn’t Forever, Paying Mortgage, Sending kids to School, and Problematic Husbands are. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet to say ” I’ll love you forever” but the contrary is, only responsibilities and commitment remains after long years of marriage. It’s not a sad thing though, it’s the truth and who says the truth can be a happy thing?
  1. If you Don’t have a Job, don’t expect Love. Cruel as it may sound but if you don’t get up and earn some dough, probably you’ll stay single for the rest of your broke life.

Well, I’ve searched my mind of all the weird things love has. Sad to say, these are the things I can post for now. By the way, don’t get intimidated by the post. If you love someone, then go for it. It’s not every day that we find true love. Get foolish cupid.


About projectbass

" I'm a Person who loves to stare at stars - and ask, "Why Are These Small Lights so Beautiful?" .. "I love to learn new things. I often laugh at shallow things" "I Never let another day come; without SMILING and letting other people know HOW great they are" "And Most of ALL, I AM a PERSON in love, being love, and wants to give more LOVE :)

5 comments on “Three Ugly Facts About Love

  1. Agh in today’ society love has become a world of many dysfunctional meanings. Relationships are difficult when two people expect another to fulfill them. This feeling of fulfillment one can get from another is a bit like drinking or exercising to make your self feel better. This creates an unbalanced energetic exchange where one side is always pulling at the other. Where if both parties have self love and self fulfillment what I call love naturally oozes from both people. Creating a balance between the two. This love has no give or take it just is. Undeniable, uncontrollable, and unbelievable! But can only exist with balance. Beginning with the balance in ones own self, ending with a balance,respect, and admiration between two people…thus creating real unconditional, beautiful love. We can only give what already exists with our own selves, we can only receive what we are able to give. Blessings,The Love Angel

  2. projectbass
    August 14, 2012

    Very well said:)

  3. PQ
    August 18, 2012

    Love aint all about Flowers, Chocolates and anniversaries. There’s more to it than those icings.

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  5. Mike
    October 5, 2012

    It’s true love can be so hard sometimes, it’s no wonder divorce is on the rise. But if you’re with the right person, it’s still difficult sometimes, but so worth it.

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