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Book of Venus: Chapter 1 – Men Who are We?

Prelude: Man, Women and Temptation

“God made man and women to fill the earth. From the flesh of man, woman was created – breathe life through the power of the creator, and destined to be man’s companion.”

Then there was Adam and Eve, two lovers lost in what so called “paradise.” God told them to refrain from eating the fruit of knowledge. But one historical day in man’s history, woman took a bite from forbidden fruit – tempted man into luxury, and cast them away from the comfort of paradise.

Adam and Eve in the Garden

Man is always tempted – and he wants it

This excerpt from the Book of Genesis gives us an idea – how did relationships started. From this important chapter of the book, we can understand how vulnerable man is, if women use their powers of seduction. It’s good evidence that WE men could not fight temptation at its strongest.

I know many men will contradict this idea of men and I know it’s human to make an excuse – to be an exception. An ugly truth man has kept through the years. We must accept we are slaves of flesh, passion, and temptation. We want it with a twist of denial and saying “no.”

Chapter I – Men in General

It’s good to say we are hunters, adventurers, protectors, and responsible creations. We by nature, are competitive, ruthless, and logical. We die for what we believe. We die to protect our herds. Just like lions on the wild, we lead the herd to a safer place. That’s how we are created.

Men have evolved in different ways through the millenniums. As a halfway believer of evolution, I believe genes are passed through generations – genes of warriors, musicians, priests, and even thieves. Every detail is encrypted into our DNA, that’s why he have good leaders, jerks, overly nice guys, and dirty politicians.

Man’s heart hasn’t been stable since they took the fruit of knowledge. He has always wandered and travelled in search for his beginning. If he finds it, he still wants to know where he ends. Man is a discontent creation. He loves adventure, risk, and reward. He hungers for excitement and passion.

Polygamous Nature

 It’s because of his discontentment he finds joy in multiple relationships. When man is not contented in a relationship – he will search for contentment into another party. Women empowerment groups blame men for this promiscuous behavior. I couldn’t blame them, since time began, men have multiple wives. Is it due to the rise of sexism that such shift in norms occurred? What if, history never changed – men would enjoy having many wives and it wouldn’t be so wrong.

By nature, man needs to reproduce for survival – that’s why he’s polygamous. If he don’t find her mate capable of giving such need, he’s heart is looking for something. He then wanders in the arms of another, asking himself – “why?”

Truth – Men Are Basic Creations

Men love to be treated like kings. We need love, physical intimacy, care, loyalty from mate, and deep understanding of our animalistic nature. We love to be adored and believed by our wives. We need to feel the adrenaline of leadership. We need to feel responsible and be the alpha of the herd.

Men are quite simple, we understand things in a logical way, – and sometimes we overly become logical, denying the emotion of our mates. In short, we don’t like women overpowering us, making decisions for us, and leading the herd for us. We want “what we want” done. In return, we offer you our deep respect, loyalty, and protection from other hungry males.

It’s quite disturbing to see relationships fail – when men are so basic to understand. Don’t’ ever over empower your man, and you’ll see your relationship go long term. I’m not so religious but let me share you this:

“But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.” 1 Cor 11:3


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