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How Not to Get Late at Work in the Morning

How Not to Get Late at Work in the Morning

How Do You Manage to be Early in the Deadliest Time of the Day?

Waking Up Early for Work

Almost 80 Percent of People gets Late at Early Morning Shifts

It’s a burden waking up early in the morning. Com’on God gave all the rights to sleep like Hell on Monday Mornings. I’d like to shoot the person who created EARLY MORNING WORK SCHEDULE – in the balls – for being so mean. Oh yeah, we got to work to party, eat, and party more. So let’s be proactive, how do we manage not to get late at early morning shifts?

1.Sleep Early.

Yeah, i know Mom. Blah blah blah… Who wants to sleep early? I’ve got a prize for you. All right, no one. 🙂 Typically, not everybody wants to sleep early — people are getting insomniacs due to late night TV shows and stuff. However, if you want to avoid sleeping at work, sleep early.

2. Wake up Early, Give it 2 hours Before you get Late.

I’ve tried this and it actually works – especially for those still daydreaming 45 minutes after waking up. Yep, but you need to sleep early or else, there’s no point in waking up early, kicking the alarm clock 5 times, and rolling back to the sheets for the epic 3rd time.

3. Ask for a Change.

Ask you’re boss to change schedules. Have mercy in nocturnal people, men of the earth. Com’on, we function more on mid day shifts to night shifts. Please don’t make us suffer for the rest of the boring day. 🙂

4.Get a Car.

I know it’s recession, but if you love your job – get a car.

5. Set your Clock in the Future.

As much as you can handle, set your clock in advance time configuration. This affects you psychologically, i do this i get panics all the time when actually i was too early for work.

That’s all guys, wake up early lazy cat and start your day


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6 comments on “How Not to Get Late at Work in the Morning

  1. mikay05
    July 16, 2012

    I can relate. . hehehe

  2. wilfred092790
    July 16, 2012

    #6… request the boss for mid shift
    #7…believe that its better to be late than never
    #8… be absent, lie to your visor.. im sick
    #9… zombie mode
    #…10 forget ur job

  3. wilfred092790
    July 17, 2012

    haha.. i prefer # 4..sosyal!

  4. rightwriteblog
    July 30, 2012

    Guys, based on experience, it’s really best to look ahead and sleep early to wake up early. The 2 hours ahead is enough to go to the toilet, eat breakfast, and even do a few other things before launching off to work. Seriously. Unless we all decide to turn home based, but, that’s not for everyone.

  5. The Wandering Quill
    August 11, 2012

    How to get to work on time , just have sex once not twice and you will be on time and smiling

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