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The Mind — Do we Control it? Or Does it Control Us?

Are we controlled by our Mind? Or Do we Control It?

Funny Yoga Dog Mind Control

Have you ever asked if which one is correct: We are controlled by our mind or we control our Mind?

This is an ever-debatable question and even my ms word describes it as a (passive voice sentence structure).

Yes, if speak of WE controlled by the MIND, it’s passive and by literal meaning, it explains all our actions are directed by our Cerebrum? Does it control our perspective and view in life? Does this mean we don’t have control over the future? Does our brain decide on what shall happen?
So which should be correct?

The Brain controls us. Or do we control our brain?Yes, this can be true to a certain extent. Our emotions are driven by the brain but it’s only when our brain receives stimulants from the outside world or collects data from the physical domain that it can decide what to react and when to react.

Emotions and Facts

 Emotion and Facts- yoga cat

Amazingly, our brain is divided into two major parts, the one that processes figures, and the other that controls our emotions.

With this enlightenment, we can say that both statements mentioned above are true. How?, let’s find out.

For example, we fear death, which is an emotional approach. But what makes death fearful? It’s because it stops us from sustaining and seeing things we value. When our brain understands that we need to be alive in order to see what we value, it’s where it creates the emotion of fear of dying.

How do we use it to our Advantage?

 Let’s make our principle like this – “I only fear the Logical.” This means we should only feel afraid when it’s logical and making sense. For example, we shouldn’t fear talking to new people. It’s Illogical. We shouldn’t fear speaking our self out. It’s Illogical. And everything we can think of illogical is not equal to fear.

Another good thing about knowing how your brain functions is – we can change who we are for the better. Some people say that it’s hard to change traits – but it’s possible. The brain is a supercomputer and that means it can be programmed.

All the memories and traits we had when we are young are installed in neurons and electric sparks. Programming these electric sparks gives us the chance to change into something we always wanted to be. However, changing into a different person takes years, just like how you become who you are today.





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